Protect Your Windows From Storms

Hurricanes and other tropical storms are very dangerous. They often feature levels of rainfall that can cause flooding and severe property damage. However, water damage is not the only concern when it comes to serious storms. Strong winds can also cause severe damage. Windows are particularly susceptible to damage since they are often the weakest and most breakable portion of any given home. Here are four things you can do to protect your windows during a storm: Read More 

Why You Shouldn’t Throw Out the Remaining Shingles From Your Roofing Job

Virtually every roofing job leaves a handful of leftover shingles afterward. Your roofing contractor will assess what volume of shingles your job needs, and then buy them by the bundle. While you or the roofer can return extra bundles to lower the cost of the job, you'll almost certainly end up with an open bundle that contains a few individual shingles. You might be ready to discard then once the roofer leaves, but it's a smart idea to keep them instead. Read More 

6 Features Of A Healthy Home

Your home is a space where you spend the majority of your time, so if you want to enjoy good health, your home needs to support your healthy lifestyle. This does not just mean keeping healthy foods in the fridge and using eco-friendly cleaning products. Rather, there are some structural and design elements that you can incorporate, either when remodeling or building a home from scratch, to make a home a healthier space. Read More 

Preparing For The Sights, Smells, And Sounds Of Asphalt Paving On Your Parking Lot

Watching concrete and asphalt contractors pour asphalt is somewhat fascinating. You have dozens of workers trying to avoid the scorching hot tar and bitumen as it comes out of the asphalt machine and they are all trying really hard not to step on this hot, sticky stuff that could melt their soles and stick to their shoes. They are often seen wearing respirators as they try to hurriedly shovel and smooth this substance everywhere the asphalt is required. Read More 

3 Reasons To Invest In Garage Door Maintenance

If you sit down and think about the things that you use multiple times a day in your home, what can you come up with? One thing that probably doesn't come to mind is your garage door, although it is one feature that is used several times a day and suffers considerable wear and tear. It is important that this safety feature of your home remains in top working order for many reasons. Read More