2 Types of Equipment That Make Sewer Work Easier and Less Damaging

If you are like many people, when you think about installing a sewer system or having sewer repairs made, you probably picture a big mess and a whole lot of digging. In the past, this was pretty close to what had to go on when sewer lines were being installed or replaced. However, nowadays, you should know that things have changed. There are a couple types of modern equipment that can help improve this process. Read More 

How To Install Glass Shower Door Kits

If you currently have a shower with just a rod and curtain system, you should consider upgrading to a glass door.  This article explains the perks of installing a glass shower door kit, and what you need to actually handle the installation. Shower Door Kits Most precast bathtub basins are universally sized. That is, they generally are about the same length. This means that you can invest in a shower door installation kit that should fit your tub basin and includes just about everything you need for the project. Read More