Get An Upper Hand On Old Man Winter: Make Your Heat Pump More Efficient

Winter seems to be arriving earlier each year and with an earlier arrival, the cost of heating goes up sooner. Did you know you probably have a few bad heating related habits costing your money? While you may not be able to control how soon old man winter chooses to make an appearance, changing a few of your bad habits can help you save a significant amount of money off the cost of your heating. Read More 

3 Issues That Can Damage Your Sewer Line

As a homeowner, you have the responsibility of ensuring that all your home systems are working properly—including your plumbing. Although your home plumbing has operated flawlessly for the past several years, you're now noticing symptoms of a cracked sewer line, such as foul odors, clogging, or sunken areas throughout your lawn. However, before you can arrange for repairs, you must determine the cause of the damage. Here are the three main issues that will cause severe damage to your sewer line: Read More