After A Fire: Cleaning Up And Protecting Your Home

While most house fires do not cause catastrophic damage, they can still leave your home in need of crucial repairs. Even after a fire is put out, your home may be inhabitable due to smoke residue, the presence of toxic gases and damage from firefighting equipment. There are certain tasks you should complete in order to make sure your home is safe for re-entry and to protect your property in the event of another catastrophe. Read More 

5 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Don't let a small bathroom keep you from your dream home. There are many ways to revamp a tiny bathroom to make it look bigger, without spending a fortune. Here are 4 simple ways you can make the most of your space!  1. Invest in Task Good Lighting  Lighting is key to making a small bathroom look larger. Using the right task lighting can make a small, dark bathroom look brand new, and can help you visualize every inch of space you have available. Read More 

5 Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Window Replacement Project

Once you old windows start to wear out, you may decide it is time you have them replaced. Whether you are replacing your own windows or having a contractor do it for you, you will need to prepare the interior and exterior of your home before the job begins. Below are five tips to help you get your house ready. Clear A Path Outside Your Home If the immediate exterior of your house is cluttered or has items stored against the side, this could slow down you or the workers because everything will have to be cleared out before each individual window can be replaced. Read More 

4 Signs You Need New Windows

Your home's windows are there to let in sunshine and warmth, but they can also let in the outside heat or cold. If your home's windows are getting old, they will show you several signs they need to be replaced. Here are four signs that you might need new windows in your home. Foggy or Dirty-looking Glass Anytime your windows have moisture between the panes of glass, this means that the seal around the windows has begun to degrade. Read More 

Garage Door Repair 101: Automatic Eye Replacement

Automatic openers are one of the most popular convenience features on the typical garage door. To ensure the safety of pets, young children and the unwary, most automatic openers use photoelectric sensors to detect obstacles in the doorway. This prevents the door from closing if something or someone is in the way. After years of service, these photoelectric sensors may need replacement due to wear and tear. Fortunately, the process is much easier than you'd expect and it only requires a few tools and just a bit of your time. Read More