Four Luxury Features That Will Make Your Custom Home Feel Like A Dreamland

The beauty of designing your own home is that you can include anything you like within its walls. There are almost no rules; you're only limited by your imagination. Creating a custom home that really feels luxurious and appealing often comes down to the details. So, while colors and layouts are important, you should consider installing some of these luxurious features that will make your home feel like a true dreamland. Read More 

Oven Baking Unevenly: How To Fix It

It can be frustrating to try to cook in an oven that is not baking at the proper temperature, or that is baking unevenly. You are constantly opening the door to look at the cake you're baking, or at the roast you put in to feed the guests that are about to arrive, turning the food in the oven to try and make it as even as possible, or checking the temperature to be sure you aren't feeding your guests something that could potentially harm them. Read More 

Heat Treatments And Thermal Processing: An Introduction For Curious Consumers

Think about all of the different times you have purchased some form of metal as the average consumer, whether it was screws and fasteners, sheet metals, or otherwise. If you are like most consumers, you will notice that many type of metal are tagged with the "heat treated" or even "thermally treated" descriptors. While these terms are common in the metal industry (and companies like Pacific Metallurgical Inc will offer services of this nature routinely), most consumers know little about what they mean. Read More 

5 Tips for Making Your Asphalt Driveway Last as Long as Possible

Few things give a home greater curb appeal than a smooth, freshly laid driveway that's free of potholes,stains, chips, and cracks. By the same token, a driveway with an appearance that's worse for wear gives even the nicest homes an unkempt air. If you've just had a new asphalt driveway installed or are considering doing so, you naturally want to keep it good looking for as long as possible. Following are five ways to help preserve your driveway so that you'll be able to enjoy it for a long time. Read More 

Three Benefits Of Using A Rain Barrel To Collect Stormwater

Rain barrels can be a great supplemental water resource if you live in areas with water restrictions, yet there are several other benefits they can confer as well. Here are three of them. 1. Prevent erosion and other foundation damage Water is one of the biggest threats to your house's foundation. If you don't keep water from pooling around your house, rain can cause damage in a number of ways. First of all, it can start to erode the ground around the foundation, and if this damage progresses far enough, can in some cases start to undermine a corner of the foundation and cause collapse. Read More