How To Remove A Wooden Fence Post Safely And Easily Using A Farm Jack

The process of removing a wooden privacy fence is fairly straightforward, but digging out the fence posts can be challenging, particularly if they are set in concrete. The traditional means of digging down into the soil around the post is difficult, time-consuming work, and a lot of effort is needed to lift the post and its concrete base out of the hole. However, there is an alternative to the back-breaking labor involved with digging up posts: the use of a farm jack to perform the heavy lifting. Read More 

Well, Well, Well: Safety Issues of Non-electric Boilers During Power Outages

If you recently bought a home that has a boiler that only needs gas to operate, you may grateful to have a way to keep yourself and your family warm if there is ever a power outage in the winter. But if you have a well for your water source, this many not always be possible. There are a few important safety issues that you need to know or you could put your home and family at risk. Read More 

5 Reasons to Pick a Metal Building Over a Traditional Pole Barn for Your Livestock Shelter

Pole barns are relatively inexpensive and go up quickly, but this old-fashioned building style has a few drastic disadvantages to the livestock farmer. Choosing a pre-engineered metal building kits allows you to save money and enjoy similar assembly speed without the drawbacks of using wood pole framing. These five advantages of the metal building will keep your livestock safe and healthy whether you run a hobby farm or rely on your animals for your livelihood. Read More 

4 Reasons To Use A Painting Service Instead Of Painting On Your Own

When it comes to DIY jobs, most people think that they can do an adequate job of painting their house on their own. But when they're finished, they often times find that the result that they have given themselves is an uneven mess; one that they might even have to do over, causing them to spend even more time, labor and money on what was supposed to be an easy project. Read More 

What To Do When Your Garage Door Opener Stops Working

Like many homeowners, you probably don't think much about your garage door opener until the moment it suddenly decides to stop working. If you come home and find that your garage door isn't working properly, then you can use the following in-depth guide to pinpoint the cause and hopefully solve the issue. Check the Remote First The first aspect of your garage door opener you'll want to check is your remote. Read More