4 Great Accessories For Your Dock

Your dock is a place to park your boat. If you have a personal boat dock on your property, your boat dock can also be a place to hang out, enjoy the views, and relax. That is why you want to make sure you have the right boat dock supplies and accessories to create a functional space for your boating needs and helps turn the space into a nice extension of your outdoor living space.

Accessory #1: Dock Bumpers

Even if you are a boating expert, it is still easy to bump your boat against your dock when you are bringing it in and tying it up. With boat bumpers, you will add a protective barrier between your boat and your dock, which will help reduce the need for repairs to both your boat and your dock.

Accessory #2: Piling Caps

A piling cap is designed to go on the top of your pilings, which are the solid support structures that your dock is anchored to. Piling caps can make your pilings look more visually appealing, but they have functional purposes as well. Piling caps can help protect your pilings from water and sun damage, helping to extend their life. They can also help keep birds from perching on your pilings and leaving behind droppings all over your dock.

Accessory #3: Lights

Adding dock lights can be a great way to enhance the visual and functional appeal of your dock. You can add dock lights inside of your piling caps, or you can run lights along the edge of the dock.

Dock lights can make it easier to see your dock in the early morning and late evening hours. You will be able to bring your boat more safely in or fish on the dock in the morning or evening.

Dock lights can also help set the mood and make your dock area a more relaxing area to sit and relax on during the evening hours.

If you are worrying about powering the lights, you can always install LED solar-powered lights that will last for years without needing to be replaced and can be recharged by the sun every day.

Accessory #4: Ladders 

If you like to go swimming off your dock, you will want to put some ladders into place. A ladder will make it easier for you to climb back onto the dock after you swim. Even if you feel like you are a strong swimmer and athlete, it can still be helpful to have ladders on your dock to help you get out.

Even if you don't like swimming near your dock, it can still be a good safety feature to install at least one ladder on your dock. That way, if someone falls into the water, they can easily pull themselves out.

Most dock ladders come with either three or eight steps. Eight-step ladders are great if the water is particularly deep or if the water levels tend to fluctuate throughout the year. If the water levels are relatively stable throughout the year, a three-step ladder may be appropriate.

Increase the safety, functionality, and beauty of your dock with dock bumpers, piling caps, lights, and ladders.