4 Tips For Working With Ready Mix Concrete

If you have an outdoor project that you need to take on and pour some cement, ready mix concrete is often the best material to work with. Before working with ready mix concrete, it is important to have a few tips up your sleeve so you can how to work successfully with this material.

Tip #1: Order a Little Extra

When you order ready mix cement, it is a good idea to order about ten percent more than you need. Getting about ten percent extra will allow you to make mistakes, such as spills, and will help you account for different grade variations. Just getting a tiny bit extra can help make your project run smoothly and give you the wiggle room you need for a successful project.

Tip #2: Protect Yourself

Concrete may seem safe when it is all cured and is a hard slab. However, as a wet material, it is caustic. That means you need to protect yourself when handling cement. You need to wear protective eye gear that goes all the way around your eyes, keeping your eyes sealed and safe. You need to wear gloves. You do not want to breathe in the cement dust; you will want to wear a breathing mask as well. If you get ready mix concrete on your skin, you will want to wash it off your skin right away. Be careful with handling ready mix cement.

Tip #3: Get It Delivered During the Week

When you have ready mix concrete delivered, it can help to get the cement delivered on a weekday if you are on a budget. Generally, most places will charge a little more for weekend delivery due to the high demand for weekend delivery. Save some money and work on your project during the week instead.

Tip #4: Add Support to Your Concrete

If you plan on laying a big slab of cement, you will want to make sure you help support it. Often, concrete needs either wire mesh or steel rebar to reinforce the concrete and strengthen it. A concrete professional can advise you on what supports your concrete needs.

Tip #5: Additives Change the Concrete

Finally, before adding additives to your concrete, make sure you understand how that will impact the concrete. Additives can be used to add color to the concrete or strength it. Most additives will also impact the curing time by either slowing it down or speeding it up.

When it comes to ready mix concrete, it is essential to know what you are getting into before starting the project. Know how to support the concrete you will be laying down, and if you want to put additives in the concrete, be sure you understand how it will impact the curing process. Be sure to protect yourself when working with concrete, and to save money, get it delivered during the week.