Equipment To Make Your Work Zone Safer

If you have people working in roadway work zones, keeping them safe while they do their job should be a priority. While there is a lot of equipment out there for work zones, consider safety first and convenience second when you are looking at your options.

Barricades and Traffic Signs

One of the most important things you can do when you have people working on the road is to let drivers know they are there. The sooner you let these drivers know, the better, so putting signs down the road from the work zone is critical. You can use portable orange triangles that have a message on them, programmable message boards, or any other sign that is going to tell the drivers to slow down and watch for workers.

If your work zone is on a corner, the signs should be far enough back to alert the drivers because they will not be able to see the work zone around the corner. Use the same technique with hills that are large enough for the driver not to see over, especially if the work zone is in a low spot between two hills.

As you get closer to the work zone, you can place bright-colored barriers on the road to force people to slow down and to separate the workers from the traffic. Large plastic barriers filled with water are easy to use because you can drain them to move them, then bring a water truck to the site to refill them when they are in the proper position for your needs. 

Personal Equipment

When your workers are going to be on the road, they need to have high-visibility vests on so people can see them. The US Department of Transportation requires vests for anyone working on the road, including road workers, public safety personnel, and tow companies. They have very specific guidelines that you can reference for details. The vests you choose can be one of many designs, but they should be brightly colored, and they need to have some reflective elements on them.

It is also a good idea to provide matching hard hats that have reflective tape on them, and if your workers need them, you might want to consider hard hats that have hearing protection, like ear muffs, built in. The amount of equipment you can choose from to keep your crew safe is vast, and it is a good idea to contact a work zone equipment vendor that deals with these products and talk to them about your situation so they can help you determine what you need to keep your work zone safe for everyone.