Protect Your Windows From Storms

Hurricanes and other tropical storms are very dangerous. They often feature levels of rainfall that can cause flooding and severe property damage. However, water damage is not the only concern when it comes to serious storms. Strong winds can also cause severe damage. Windows are particularly susceptible to damage since they are often the weakest and most breakable portion of any given home. Here are four things you can do to protect your windows during a storm:

1. Bring loose items inside.

The wind itself is not what damages windows; items picked up by the wind can be hurled at your house at high velocities. You can reduce the chance of damage by bringing all your loose items inside. Take lawn furniture, bikes, toys, and shoes inside. If there's anything that is too large to be brought into the house, try to secure it down by sing rope or duct tape.

2. Board up your windows.

If a storm is coming and you don't have a lot of time to prepare, you can quickly prepare your windows by boarding them up. Cardboard is not strong enough to protect your windows but plywood is sufficient. Purchase pieces of plywood from your hardware store and have them cut down to fit the size of your windows. If you own a saw at home, you can make the cuts yourself. Use sturdy screws to attach the plywood over the windows of your home.

3. Invest in storm shutters.

If you live in a place where storms are frequent, you can do a better job of protecting your windows by investing in storm shutters. Storm shutters are made of durable material such as hardwood or stainless steel. They can be left open in times of clear weather and easily closed when a storm is coming. These windows stay on the outside of your house to protect the glass of your windows from breaking. Storm shutters can look like any other type of window shutters. You can also pain them so they match your home decor.

4. Purchase storm panels.

Some homes feature sliding glass doors that overlook the backyard. While these doors can be very beautiful, they pose the same problems as windows do during a storm. You can invest in storm panels that will provide some extra protection for glass doors. These panels follow the same logic as storm shutters. They can be installed over the outside of your glass door in order to prevent breakage caused by wind-borne projectiles.