6 Features Of A Healthy Home

Your home is a space where you spend the majority of your time, so if you want to enjoy good health, your home needs to support your healthy lifestyle. This does not just mean keeping healthy foods in the fridge and using eco-friendly cleaning products. Rather, there are some structural and design elements that you can incorporate, either when remodeling or building a home from scratch, to make a home a healthier space.

Good Ventilation

Stale air is not good for anyone. Especially during cold and flu season, a home needs to be well-ventilated so germs can flow out and fresh air can flow in. Good ventilation can come from windows that are easy to open wide and also from an attic fan that draws air into your home as needed.

Low-VOC Finishes

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemicals given off when certain materials are exposed to air. Traditional paint, carpet, and even flooring release VOCs, which have been linked to health problems ranging from cancer to respiratory disease. Choose low-VOC finishes for a healthier home. Paints, carpet, furniture, flooring, countertops, and even drapes come in low-VOC versions.

Hard Floors

Steer clear of carpet. It holds onto allergens like dust mites and pet dander, and it can even become a breeding grounds for bacteria. Hard flooring surfaces, like hardwood, tile, and laminate, are much easier to keep clean, therefore making for a healthier home.

Radiant Heating

While forced air heat is really common, radiant heat is actually a healthier option. This style of heating system consists of a boiler, which heats water, and radiators through which the hot water circulates.  Since it does not push air through the home, you don't have to worry about it dispersing mold spores and dust for you to breathe in.

UV-Blocking Windows

You certainly want plenty of windows to let in natural light since exposure to light is good for you. Just make sure that the glass in those windows is designed to block UV rays. This way, you won't be increasing your risk of skin cancer by basking in the sun.

Humidity Control

A healthy home should have a dehumidifier and a humidifier so that you can control the level of moisture in the air. Air that is too dry can lead to cracked skin and respiratory irritation, whereas too much moisture causes unhealthy mold growth. 

With these features, your home can be a much healthier space.

For more information, contact a healthy home builder in your area.