Plumbing Emergency? 3 Things To Know

There are a variety of times where you may find that you have a plumbing emergency. In fact, plumbing emergencies are often more than just an overflowing toilet. Burst pipes and other issues can mean major damage to your home if they are not taken care of as soon as possible. Plumbing emergencies also often happen during construction or during home improvement projects. If you have a plumbing emergency, here are three things that you should know.

Know How To Turn Things Off

If you have a plumbing emergency, knowing how to turn off certain parts of your plumbing system is key. First, you will want to know where your water main shutoff is and how to turn it off. The same thing goes for your water heater. There may also be valves that allow you to shut off the water in certain locations. Knowing where the areas are as well as having the necessary tools to shut the water off is key. Being able to stop water from flowing can mean the difference between minor damage to your home and major damage to your home.

Emergency Plumbers Are Available

No matter what time of day or year you have your plumbing emergency, you can call a 24-hour emergency plumber to help you get your plumbing system back to normal. These plumbers are on call and ready to offer plumbing services anytime, day or night. On average you can expect to pay between $45 and $150 per hour for an emergency plumber. In total, your plumbing emergency may cost as little as $100 to fix to upwards of $500, depending on the issue at hand. Having money set aside for a plumbing emergency can be helpful. 

More Work May Be Needed

Emergency plumbers are great for emergency situations, but more work may be needed later on. Often during an emergency your plumber will fix the problem enough to prevent damage but more work will be needed later on during more normal working hours. Depending on the plumbing emergency, your homeowner's insurance may even cover some of these costs. Plumbing repair during normal hours typically costs between $175 and $450. However, it can be pricier depending on the plumbing problems. Discussing whether or not future work is needed with your emergency plumber is very important.

If you have a plumbing emergency, there are a few things to know. First, knowing how to turn off the water to your home and your water heater is key. Emergency plumbing services are available at any time and calling an emergency plumber can prevent major damage to your home. Even after an emergency plumber visits your home, more plumbing work may be needed at a future date.