Signs It Is Time For Gutter Repair

The rain gutters that hang from the roof of your home are not there strictly to keep you from getting wet as you unlock and open your door. Their main purpose is to divert the water from settling at the base of your home and causing the foundation to crumble or deteriorate. While gutters can last a long time with proper maintenance, there are going to be times when they need a bit of repair. Neglecting to have the repairs will result in the need to have the whole system replaced. Here are a few signs that you need to contact someone for gutter repair service

Leaking From One Section

Most older gutters come in sections. If you have just one or two sections that have rusted or split and are leaking, you can have them repaired. Make sure to repair each section as it is damaged to avoid having to replace the whole system. However, if you have seamless gutters that were made to fit your home with only one or two sections, you may have to have it all replaced. 

Leaking From a Seam

One of the easiest places to spring a leak is at a seam. This can be due to a loose tray or a \n overlap piece that has moved. This is not a difficult repair. However, you should have a professional do it to make sure that the joint is stable, and the seam completely sealed. In addition, if something does go wrong after a technician did the work, they will have to fix it for you.

Hanging Sections

Sometimes the problem is that a hanger has broken or fallen causing a tray section to hang down. As long as you have the area fixed before the tray ends up snapping it is an easy fix. However, if you ignore it for a while and the section breaks, you will need to buy a new section, and quite possibly two new sections if it snapped or broke off at a seam.

The next time it rains, take a quick walk around the house and inspect the rain gutters. The sooner you find a problem, the sooner you can have it fixed. Small issues are almost always less expensive and easier to have repaired than something you let grow. You really don't want to have to have your foundation repaired because you neglected to fix a small leak from your rain gutters.