3 Ways To Keep Your Basement Dry

A damp basement can cause all kinds of problems. It can cause your floor to be damaged. It can even damage your foundation. So, if you are noticing that you there is some dampness in your basement, then you need to do whatever you can to make sure that it's waterproofed so that you aren't going to get any further damage. There are several things that you can do. 

Check Your Gutters

One thing that you can do is to check your gutters and the downspout. If they are emptying out right next to your home, the water can get into your basement and cause leaks. Make sure that your gutters are clean and get a longer downspout so that the water that comes out of the gutters empties out further from your house. 

French Drains

Another option is to get French drains installed. These drains aren't exactly drains. Instead, what they are is trenches that are dug around your house. Inside those trenches, there is going to be some gravel and some pipes that have holes in them. The trenches are covered back up. The water goes down into those trenches and then into the pipes to get carried away from your house. 

Professional Waterproofing

If you have tried those things or if you want to go straight to the end option, you can call in professionals for basement waterproofing. There are several things that they can do. One is that they can dig down around the walls of your house and your foundation and install a membrane around the outside of your walls. This membrane will keep water from getting into the basement. They can also paint the walls and the floor of your basement with waterproofing paint. Once this paint has gone on the walls and the floor, you can paint over it so that you can get the look you want. You can put whatever kind of flooring that you want as well. Putting the waterproof paint on the inside and the membranes on the outside should keep water from getting into your basement. 

If you are seeing water get into your basement or you want to make sure that no water gets into your basement, there are several options open to you. You can do any one of them or you can use them in combination so that you keep your basement and your foundation wet.