Investing In Luxury Floors Like Marble And Hardwood

Wood flooring is one way to completely redefine a kitchen. That is, the floor material can often be the biggest factor in the defining the style of any space. This is one reason that flooring replacement is one of the most commonly advertised home improvement projects. But, flooring replacement is also popular because it is relatively affordable when you think about how much you can improve a room.

Adding Value to Your Home

A new floor can definitely add value to your entire property. Obviously, not all flooring materials are equally practical or valuable. In some cases, the more valuable products, like natural hardwood or marble are also more expensive.

It is important to realize that the value of the flooring material doesn't really have to do with its durability or maintenance. It has more to do with style and luxury. That is, the mere fact that you can claim you have a marble floor, even though it takes a lot of upkeep and maintenance is going to be attractive to certain buyers.


Of course, a marble floor is only going to be a practical solution for a luxury property. It wouldn't be cost effective to install marble in a small, low budget apartment. Marble and other natural stones are loved because they are unique and one of a kind. A piece of marble, whether it is a small tile or large slab is going to have a unique pattern that you won't find anywhere else. Marble is basically taken out of the earth, cut to size, polished, and then sold as a flooring material. The markings, patterns, and textures are all part of the natural geological formation that creates marble before it is even quarried.


Hardwood is another luxury flooring product that is unique. There are obviously composite hardwood products that have printed finishes, but these don't have the luxurious allure and higher price tag of real hardwood. When you install a real hardwood floor, the texture, wood grain, and knots all going to be unique on each individual plank. On top of this, you are able to apply your own custom finish to further define the wood and make it stand out.

In the end, it is easy to see why natural hardwood and marble are two of the most popular luxury flooring products. They do have a lot of differences, but they can both be amazing additions that will increase the property value of most homes. For more information, contact your local kitchen renovation service.