How To Install Glass Shower Door Kits

If you currently have a shower with just a rod and curtain system, you should consider upgrading to a glass door.  This article explains the perks of installing a glass shower door kit, and what you need to actually handle the installation.

Shower Door Kits

Most precast bathtub basins are universally sized. That is, they generally are about the same length. This means that you can invest in a shower door installation kit that should fit your tub basin and includes just about everything you need for the project. Usually, these kits include the top rail, bottom track, two side pieces (aka jambs), two glass doors, and the hardware. Even though the length of bathtubs can vary slightly, the fact that there are two glass doors that both slide and overlap each other means that you can usually install most kits on any tub basin.

In addition to what comes in the kit, you will also need a hacksaw, power drill, stud finder, level, and clear silicone caulk. The screws and hardware that are included in the kit might not be for your wall material. If they aren't you will need to buy extra hardware.

How to Install the Doors

The project is usually made simple by the easy-to-follow instructions. The most important part of the entire job is making sure that the side pieces (jams) are perfectly level ans securely attached to the wall. This usually means that you want the mounting screws to be attached to the studs with in the wall. However, this isn't always possible because your basin might not line up with a stud.

Also, it depends on what material you have on your wall. Often, if you have tile, you will need to use masonry bits to and screws to attach the side jambs. Nonetheless, you should be able to secure the side pieces with a power drill and the right screws while using a level to make sure they are not angled.

The rest of the installation is mainly modular. First, you need to cut the to cut the top and bottom rails to the right length. When they are the right length, you just snap the top rail into the jambs and then use the caulk to attach the bottom rail. Finally, you hang the doors and attach the hardware. Once the side jambs are secured, you will be amazed how fast the rest of the job goes.

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