How To Prep And Paint Better

You don't need to have a bunch of time or money to invest in worthwhile home remodels. If you invest wisely, and do some of the work yourself, there are several DIY remodel project that you can handle in the course of a single weekend. For instance, you can repaint an entire room in one weekend quite easily if you are prepared beforehand. This article explains a few ways to speed up the painting process, and some techniques that will make your paint job look more professional.

Prepping and Planning

A good paint job necessitates comprehensive planning and preparation. That is, if you skimp on the prep work, you will probably notice worse results. Additionally, you have to spend more time cleaning up once all the painting is done. Overall, spending a little extra time on prepping your walls to be painted should decrease the total length of your project.

Painter's Plastic

Lightweight painters plastic will be your best friend when it comes to prepping large areas in a short amount of time. You can drape it over anything, tape it down onto your floors, and use it to cover all of your window and door fixtures that you don't want to get picked on. In addition to the painters plastic, you should also invest in a roll of construction paper. If you put the paper on top of the plastic, you have an extra layer of protection that will be less slippery to walk. Also, the paper will absorb any paint spills. When taping the plastic and paper down, make it as secure as possible. You don't want either to be shifting around while you're working and walking around.

Taping the Edges

You can use traditional masking tape for this, but to tape off the edges, where you will actually be painting, make sure you invest in some actual painter's tape. It is important that you keep your roll of tape clean, so don't set it down on any dirty or dusty services. Dirt and dust on the edge of the tape will make it harder to push down, and could create pockets where paint eventually bleeds.

If you plan ahead, you can do all the prep work on a Friday, paint the walls on a Saturday, and finish the job off by cleaning up the mess on a Sunday. When the next weekend rolls around, you can start work on the next room. Otherwise, contact a painting contractor for help.