5 Signs You May Need Foundation Maintenance

The foundation of your home provides the basis for its stability. However, most foundations are mostly covered in earth and difficult to access. So how do you know if your foundation has problems and needs an expert assessment? Below are some of the common issues that indicate potential problems with your foundation. 


Sometimes a crack in plaster is simply a cosmetic crack and not an indication of further problems. But often cracks indicate that the foundation has shifted. This is especially true if the crack is in brick or concrete and almost always true if you see a crack in the foundation itself. Anytime you notice significant cracks in your walls, whether they are on the interior or exterior, call a foundation contractor. 

Difficult to Close Doors 

If a door sticks or is difficult to close, it may mean that the door frame has shifted due to foundation shifting. However, if you have wooden door frames this may simply indicate swelling of the wood. If your door sticks, get a level and check the angles of the door frame to see if it has shifted. 

Uneven Cabinetry 

Similar to difficult to close doors, uneven cabinetry indicates that the walls have shifted since the cabinets have been installed, which is usually a sign that your foundation has shifted. A certain amount of shifting and settling is expected over time, but it is important to have your foundation assessed to make sure that any settling that can cause uneven cabinets is not so significant that it needs repairs. 

Mold, Mildew, or Musty Smells 

Mold, mildew, or musty smells in your basement or crawl spaces or around the exterior of your home can be an indication that your moisture barrier for your foundation is not working correctly. A failing moisture barrier can allow water into your foundation, causing it to crack or erode. This means you may need to replace or re-enforce your moisture barrier. 


Gaps anywhere in your home are a sign of a shifting foundation. You should look for gaps where your ceiling meets your wall, around doors, along the floor, and around any chimneys. If you find a gap, call your contractor, someone from a place like RCW Construction, to further inspect the problem. 

While it may not be possible to see your foundation, you can easily spot the signs of foundation problems. If you see any of these problems, call an expert for further assessment.