Four Luxury Features That Will Make Your Custom Home Feel Like A Dreamland

The beauty of designing your own home is that you can include anything you like within its walls. There are almost no rules; you're only limited by your imagination. Creating a custom home that really feels luxurious and appealing often comes down to the details. So, while colors and layouts are important, you should consider installing some of these luxurious features that will make your home feel like a true dreamland.

A Dressing Room

Do you get tired of pulling items our of your closet, trying them on, and then having to put them all back when you decide on a different outfit? Meandering back and forth from the mirror to your closet isn't enjoyable, either. With a dressing room, you can do away with these woes.

A dressing room is set up like a walk-in closet, but it's even more luxurious. You can hang your clothing on racks along the wall, and display shoes, scarves, and other accessories on their own hooks or shelves. In the center of the space, you can place a plush stool where you can sit as you dress or try on shoes. Mirrors lining the walls make it easy to catch a glimpse of your appearance without having to shuffle across the room. You can even include a vanity and keep all of your makeup and personal care items in your dressing room, which leaves your master bath and master bedroom less cluttered.

A Spa-Style Bathroom

Why take a trip to the spa when you can unwind in a spa-style bathroom right inside your own home? Features like a soaking tub, heated floors, and heated towel bars can make every bath or shower feel luxurious. Other features to consider include multiple shower heads, built-in music systems, and a toilet area that's secluded from the rest of the bathroom.

If you love nature, you can design a spa-style bathroom with a large picture window. One-way glass makes it impossible for others to look into your bathroom, even though you have a full view of the beautiful outdoors.

Radiant Floor Heating

Do you hate feeling cold in the winter? Consider having radiant floor heating installed in your custom home. This style of heating system consists of a boiler, along with water pipes that run beneath the floor. The pipes fill with hot water, passing the heat off to the floor. The heat them slowly dissipates through the room. It's surprising how much warmer a home feels with this type of heating system, since the floor and other surfaces don't get chilly. You can even step out of bed in the morning without having to put on slippers first!

Home Theater

Does it bother you that your living room is cluttered with sound and entertainment equipment that takes away from its decorative appeal? Consider designing your custom home with a separate home theater. You (and your guests) can retire to the theater room if you want to watch a movie or television, but your living room will be electronics-free, making it a prime spot for more stylish entertaining.

Home theaters can be incredibly advanced these days. You can include a huge television, integrated with WiFi to allow you to stream from services like Netflix and Hulu. Top-quality speakers make you feel like you're actually at the movies, and luxurious seating options like power recliners make it easy to relax. You can even include a wet bar in your home theater design, making for the ultimate in relaxation.

Talk to your builder about these and other features that will turn your custom home into a true dreamland full of luxuries. You can also click here for additional reading.