Three Benefits Of Using A Rain Barrel To Collect Stormwater

Rain barrels can be a great supplemental water resource if you live in areas with water restrictions, yet there are several other benefits they can confer as well. Here are three of them.

1. Prevent erosion and other foundation damage

Water is one of the biggest threats to your house's foundation. If you don't keep water from pooling around your house, rain can cause damage in a number of ways. First of all, it can start to erode the ground around the foundation, and if this damage progresses far enough, can in some cases start to undermine a corner of the foundation and cause collapse. Second, the water that gets into the soil causes the soil to expand, which increases the pressure on your foundation walls and can cause cracks and even collapse in some situations if left unchecked. Controlling rainwater with the use of rain barrels and downspouts can be a big step in preventing these problems.

2. Save money on water bills

Collecting huge barrels full of water each time it rains can help you set back your water bills by an appreciable amount, especially during the rainy season. And if on the contrary your area is in a drought and/or has water restrictions in effect, the rain you catch can be invaluable for watering your lawn or flower beds. The larger your roof, the more water you can catch this way, so if you have a sizable house you should definitely consider investing in rain barrels for this reason.

3. Reduce your ecological footprint

Rain barrels can also make your lawn, garden, and life in general more eco-friendly. Not only does using rainwater for gardening reduce water waste, but it helps reduce the effects of your town on local waterways. The "urban heat island" effect of a town can cause runoff to be warmer than the waterways it enters, which then raises their temperature as well and can completely change the ecosystems that the water encounters. Native species will have a harder time flourishing if temperatures aren't what they're used to, and invasive species may have an easier time taking over. If you keep your rainwater from going down storm drains, you can reduce your contribution to this effect.

These three benefits show that using rain barrels is not only great for your wallet and a sensible way to reduce the effects of water on your home's foundation, but also a choice that can take you towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. For more information, contact companies like Paul Clark Construction.