Maintaining Your Well Water System

If you have a well on your property to contain water used in your household, you will most likely want to ensure the water system works properly without any unnecessary downtime or contamination problems. Failure to do routine checks and care for your water well can lead to the possibility of comprised drinking water in addition to a possible no-water condition. Most people will call a repair service to come to the home should a water problem be noticed. To help in avoiding this type of call out, try some of the following steps to make sure your water well is maintained as necessary.

Make Sure The Electricity Is Shut Down

Before you do a maintenance session, it is important to turn off the electricity so you do not put yourself at risk for sustaining a shock. A simple flip of the switch to your water system at your electrical circuit breaker box will shut off all power to the area so you can inspect the well, pump, and components without risk of injury. Make sure you flip the switch back to an on position when you have completed your assessment so items in your refrigerator and freezer do not thaw.

Inspect The Condition Of The Well Cap

The well cap will protect the water supply in your well from possible contamination. If the cap does not provide a tight seal to the container, it will need to be replaced by a professional. Look for spots where cracks are present and call a professional if any are noticed. Pull gently on the cap to see if it remains in place. If it slides, even slightly, a tight seal is not present and the cap will need repair or replacement.

Listen To The Pump For Problems

After you turn back on your water supply, try running water from a faucet while you listen to your water pump from the exterior of your home. If you hear humming or squeaking, and your water is flowing as strong as you would like, you may need to have the pump inspected by a professional. A service would be able to evaluate the condition of your pump and make any necessary repairs without harming your water supply in the process.

Keep Harmful Substances Far From Your Well

Any chemical agent that seeps into the ground can contaminate the water inside of your well. This can make people in your household ill as a result. It is extremely important to take precautions in protecting your well area from this type of hazardous situation. Make it a priority to keep pesticides, lawn care substances, and car maintenance solutions far from your water well. Make sure to park any vehicles on a driveway and not on the grass to eliminate the possibility of a liquid transferal into your water supply. Try using organic methods to care for your lawn and the removal of pests as well.

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