The Most Useful Pool Upgrad

You spend a lot of time by your pool, but you feel like you just need something more. There is a much better poolside experience that you could be having with a few additions to your swimming pool.

A Deck

If you have an above ground pool, consider having a deck installed around the pool. This will make your pool more functional and it will be easier for anyone to jump into your pool. The deck will provide a place for chairs, a basket ball hoop and even a slide.

LED Lighting

LED lighting will improve the appearance of your pool and will also make your pool more practical late at night. It will be much safer to use your pool because of the illumination. LED lights are more efficient and there are products that can be installed underwater or near water. They can cause an ordinary swimming pool to look much more glamorous by highlighting the best aspects of the swimming pool. 

A Spa

Consider installing a spa right next to your pool. The spa will sit above the swimming pool somewhat, so it will be easier to keep the spa clean because pool water will be less likely to splash into the spa. The spa can also be covered.

A Robotic Cleaner

Install a robotic cleaner. These robots move along the ground and will clean up debris. This will reduce the amount of time that you will need to spend cleaning up your pool and will instead allow you to spend more time using it. They are also not very expensive.


You may not like how your pool looks as it stands in stark contrast to the rest of your more natural landscape. One way to solve this is to surround your pool with as many plants as possible. This will beautify your poolside, though it may also increase the amount of cleaning that your pool will need, which is where the robotic pool cleaner comes in. Another benefit of greenery is that it provides you with more privacy. 

A Heater

One of the issues with swimming pools is that they usually can only be used during the summer, unless you install a pool heater. The pool heater will usually use natural gas to generate heat necessary to warm up the pool water. Heaters can also be placed around the pool so that you can enjoy the poolside even when you are not in the water.

Talk to a pool contractor, like Nassau Pools Construction Inc, for more help.