Built a New Home on Your Large Piece of Land? 2 Tips for Getting the Landscaping Ready

If you purchased a large piece of land and have built your dream home on it, you should now consider getting the landscaping ready. It will feel nice pulling into your driveway with beautiful landscaping and then walking into your new home. Below are two tips on how you can get started doing this.

Level the Land

It is important that your land be as level as it can. Improper grading leads to improper draining which can cause flooding, soil erosion, and property damage. If you notice any slopes in your yard, you should hire an excavating service to help you. Then can grade your property, which is reshaping your land to make it more level.

During the excavation, they will remove rocks and dirt from the ground and may even install drainage systems to help water flow in the right direction away from your home. When the excavation company is finished grading, you will be left with bare soil so you will have to plant grass seed. Keep the grass moist all the time and you will have a beautiful, lush lawn in about a month. You can then start your landscaping.

Plant Flowers

Add beauty and color to your yard by planting flowers. You could plant flowers across the front of your home and/or build a new flower garden and fill it full with flowers. No matter what you choose consider the types of flowers you want. If you do not have a lot of time to spend taking care of flowers, purchase some easy annuals, such as petunias, vinca, or marigolds. Some easy to care for perennials are black eyed Susans, coneflowers, peonies, daylily, and Hosta. Perennials can save money as you do not have to replace them each year.

Purchase flowers that grow well in your area. A garden center can be helpful with this as they likely only sell flowers that perform well where you live. When choosing flowers, consider the height, as you want to plant taller flowers in the back of the flower garden so they do not drown out the smaller ones.

Consider the color theme for your flowers. You could simply choose a variety of colors and not worry about what goes well together. You could also choose colors that complement each other. For example, shades of yellow, pink, and orange go well together. Shades of white, violet, pink also blend well.

Talk with contractors like Goller Excavating if you need help with your landscaping. They can make sure it is beautiful and set up in a way that you can easily take care of it.