Simple Roof Maintenance Hacks For Repairs And Improvements To Your Home

Shingle roofs will need maintenance to ensure they last for many years. Some of the repairs that are needed for your roof can be avoided with simple hacks. You may want to do things like add your own gutter guards or patch those small pinhole leaks. Here are some simple DIY hacks that can help you with your roof repairs and maintenance:

1. Installing Your Own DIY Gutter Guards to Keep Debris Out 

Gutters are often the source of roof problems that happen to the eaves. Sometimes, the problems at eaves go unnoticed because there may be leaks that are unseen. Guards that protect the gutters and eaves are a good solution to prevent problems with leaks and wear at the eaves. You can make your own gutter guards using different materials, such as vinyl siding soffit, or chicken wire. You will just need to cut the guard materials to fit inside the top of the gutter to keep debris out.

2. Adding A Reinforced Membrane to Protect the Roofing at the Eaves

Another problem that you may have at the eaves of your roof is excessive wear of the shingles. The wear of shingles is worse if you live in a colder climate where ice dams are a problem. To protect your shingles, an extra layer of roofing membrane can be installed beneath the shingles at the edge of the roof. Get a roll of roofing membrane and cut it in strips to slide beneath the first rows of shingles. The roofing membrane will reinforce, insulate, and protect the eaves from damage.

3. Repairing Leaks and Reinforcing Flashing to Prevent Water Damage

The leaks on your roof are often difficult to locate, but they can easily be fixed if found. Often, the problem is something as simple as a nail puncturing a shingle. Locate the leak and patch it using a dab of roofing cement. If the shingle is torn or too damaged to patch with roofing cement, replace it with a new shingle. In addition, areas where flashing is used can be weak, so you may want to consider improvements like reinforcing or replacing the flashing. The flashing can especially be a problem if it is a tin material that will eventually corrode.

These are some simple DIY hacks that will help reduce repairs and make your roof last longer. For extensive damage, repairs and roof replacement, contact roofing contractors to help with the repairs you need for your home.