What A Tree Service Can Do For You

Tree service companies are useful to homeowners in several ways. Some of what they do could be done by the individual homeowner, but other duties require trained specialists. For example, tree service technicians are often trained to climb high into trees using climbing equipment, where they may need to remove a dead branch or make other adjustments from a high vantage point. Here are three benefits afforded by tree specialists. 

Pest and Disease Control 

A tree service technician should know a lot about the health and well-being of many different types of trees. Therefore, they can alert you of any pest problems or tree diseases at work. The specialist will identify the pest and know how to best control it or get rid of it. An example is termite infestation. If the infestation is centered on one tree, that tree can be removed. It will probably be in bad shape, anyway, if there is enough dying wood to attract the termites.

An example of a tree disease is anthracnose, a disease caused by a fungus that affects trees in the eastern United States. A common symptom is the development of dark spots or splotches on leaves. It may be possible to control the disease with chemicals, but your tree service specialist will know what is best. 


Pruning or tree trimming is one of the duties that a tree service technician can do for you. If there are ornamental trees in your yard such as flowering trees, willow oaks, or maples, they may need to be shaped or thinned. Keeping the tree in its proper shape depends a little on the type of tree, but generally leaves the bottom half to third of the tree without branches. There may be only one main stalk for trees such as willow oaks, or two or three main stalks for thinner flowering trees such as crepe myrtle. If the branches in the top half of the tree are too crowded or if they stick out of the uniform shape, they can be removed or cut back to a lower branch joint. Rejuvenation pruning may or may not be part of a tree service technician's work, so ask the company if you are interested. 

Tree and Branch Removal 

Dead trees, especially large ones, often bother homeowners, and they can be removed by tree service specialists. They will often get rid of ugly stumps as well. If there are large dead branches on an otherwise healthy tree, these can also be removed. For example, if a large dead branch is positioned over your parking area, you might consider removing it to avoid car damage in the event that the branch falls. Sometimes, removal of living trees or large living branches is called for. If a tree is growing too close to a power line, for example, large branches will probably need to be removed. If you are planning a garden, but a large oak branch is giving the spot too much shade, you can have that removed as well. Fallen trees and branches can also be cut and taken away by tree service workers.  

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