How You Can Add Unique Design To Your Home With Decorative Glass

When most homeowners think about residential glass, they think about windows or sliding glass doors. You might not think about glass being used for any part of your home except in windows and doors. However, thanks to newer contemporary glass materials available today, you can incorporate glass into several parts of your home's basic structure for adding a unique and unusual appeal to your decor. Check out some of these unusual glass applications for your home's decor and learn how your home can stand out from all the rest.

Looking Down Under

In some rooms of your home, you may wish you could somehow tie in the decor from a room downstairs. After all, a smooth flowing color scheme or particular design works better in your home when every room ties that design together. If you want to show off a room you have in your lower floors to guests standing in your upstairs living room, consider glass flooring for allowing you to do so. Glass flooring materials are manufactured out of tempered glass and is layered for enhancing its tensile strength and durability. If you worry about unattractive parts of your floor's structure being visible, you should know that colored tiles or glass can be used to hide things like floor joists or electrical wiring. Glass flooring can make a huge impact on your home's decor and add a special appeal you won't get in any other way.

Erasing The Bulk Of Traditional Wooden Stairwells

If you live in a two or three story home, you may find the stairwells take up a lot of space and work to divide the house while making the areas on either side of them seem smaller. However, if your stairwells are encased with strong tempered glass, you can open up the view underneath the stairs, allowing the entire area to look bigger. Bear in mind the strength of tempered glass is great and can support your home's stairs. Glass encased stairwells work especially well in homes with little floor space.

Feel Like You're Stepping Out Into Thin Air

If your home has a gorgeous landscape and you would like to have a full view of it from your balcony, consider the view you would get from a complete glass balcony. You can see through the floor and all sides of a glass balcony. Glass balconies are made from tempered glass and can add value to your home because of its unique appeal.

Taking your home design to new levels can be easier when you choose to decorate using glass. Contact a glass contractor now to find out more.