Ideal Areas Of Your Home For Radiant Floor Heat

If you're redoing the floor in any part of your home and live in a climate with a chilly winter, you might be thinking about having radiant floor heat installed. This system, which involves specialized heating wires beneath the tiles, will warm the tiles and keep your feet cozy and warm. While there's an up-front expense to radiant floor heat, don't let this cost allow you to talk yourself out of the upgrade -- when your feet are toasty and warm, your entire body can often feel warmer. Here are some areas of your home in which radiant floor heat is ideal.

Front Entrance

The front entrance area of your home can be cool for guests when they arrive for a visit in the winter. Not only will there be a blast of cold air in this area from the door being opened, but if the door isn't properly sealed with trim and weatherstripping, this area could be drafty even when the door is closed. Stepping off the door mat and onto cold tiles doesn't feel very welcoming -- but with a heated floor, your guests will enjoy warm feet right away to take away the chill they picked up on the short walk between their car and the door.


Many homeowners opt for radiant floor heat in their bathrooms -- if the thought of a chilly bathroom floor is making it difficult to get out of bed in the night to use the toilet or when your alarm sounds in the morning, you won't have to worry about this issue with a heated floor. Whether you're using the toilet, brushing your teeth or getting in and out of the shower, you'll quickly grow accustomed to the sensation of warm feet and have a hard time imagining how life was before this bathroom upgrade.


Whether you opt to have the entire basement floor fitted with radiant heat or just focus on a few select rooms in which you spend most of your time, you'll be glad that you made this upgrade. Given that basement floors can often be cold and damp, heated floors quickly take the chill away and make your time spent in the basement more pleasant. This is also ideal if you have children who enjoy playing in the basement but have often felt resistant to do so because of the cooler temperature on their feet.

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