Vision Problems Over 60: Two Creative Places To Install Lighting In The Home

If you're over 60 years of age and have vision problems that limit your ability to get around in areas with limited visibility, have your electrician install extra lighting in different places around the home. Vision problems, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes-induced retinopathy, increase your risk factors for falling or tripping in the house. If you fall the wrong way or too many times, you can fracture a bone in your hip, spine or arm. Here are two creative places to install lighting to help you see better in areas with limited visibility.

On Your Staircase and Balusters

Placing lighting on the walls above your staircase may not be enough to prevent accidental falls and injuries in your home. Sometimes, you need to take drastic measures to protect yourself, especially if the lighting only shines on the area near the walls. The poor lighting won't extend to the balusters of your staircase, which can be very dangerous for you.

Glaucoma and other vision problems limit your ability to see objects clearly, particularly at night. Instead of reaching for the balusters on your stairs, you may miss them and fall instead. Installing recessed light fixtures along the balusters helps you navigate your stairs safely. 

The next place to install lighting is on the steps of the staircase. Depending on your overall health, your vision problems may not be the only concerns you have right now.

If you suffer from limited movement in your legs or hips, you may have problems lifting your feet high enough to climb the stairs in your home. You can easily catch the toe of your shoe or the back of your heel on the edges of steps and trip. Installing lighting on the front paneling of your staircase's steps creates a safe path for you to follow.

Have your electrician place the light fixtures on each step for safety. In addition, you want the bulbs of the fixture to produce subtle lighting instead of bright, glaring lighting. Some eye conditions react negatively to bright lighting and can produce headaches, dizziness and nausea, which may make your situation worse.

Improving the visibility over your staircase and securing your balusters aren't the only things you should do in your home. Installing lighting in the baseboards of dark hallways is the next essential step to take. 

Along the Baseboards in Your Hallways

If your home has dark hallways that even nightlights or wall sconces can't illuminate properly, ask your electrician about placing lighting along the baseboards in these locations. Although ceiling and wall light fixtures are very popular and common today, baseboard lighting is a unique way to lighten up dark passageways. Baseboard lighting creates a safe passageway to your bathroom, bedrooms and stairway entrances without overlighting the home.

Baseboard light fixtures come in a variety of styles, including recessed and indirect. Your electrician installs recessed light fixtures inside the baseboards rather than on top of them. The light fixtures are also safer for you because the electrician hides their power cords behind the baseboards. You don't have to worry about tripping or falling over them when you walk through the halls.

Indirect baseboard lighting is one of the more unique options available to you because it uses strips of LED lights. LED strips are very versatile and come in different watts, brightness levels and lengths. These features make it easy to find the lighting you need for your halls during the day or night. In most cases, you can use a light switch or control feature to adjust the brightness of your LED strips to accommodate your vision needs.

Installing your LED light strips is generally easy. Your electrician installs the LED light strips behind the mouldings of the baseboards. This intricate placement allows the light to shine through the area between the baseboards and wall instead of directly into the hallways. If you have light-sensitive eyes, the placement may benefit you. 

For more ideas on how to make your home safer at night or in areas with limited visibility, contact an electrician from a company like Excel Electric Inc today. Your electrician can inspect your home to help you find the lighting you need to keep it safe.