5 Ways a Kitchen Showroom Can Help You Plan for Parties & Entertaining

If you're remodeling a kitchen and love to entertain guests, then there are many factors to consider for your new upgrades. Instead of taking a guess or assuming that selections will fit well into your kitchen, there are better ways to visualize the space. Many contractors offer a kitchen and bathroom showroom that showcases products, designs, and ideal kitchen set-ups. By shopping through a showroom, there are multiple advantages, especially if you like to entertain with a lot of guests in your home.

The following five features of a kitchen showroom can help you make the best selections for your own kitchen. Ultimately, you will have a design that cater to multiple guests and a kitchen with a lot of flow.

Kitchen Islands

A lot of modern kitchens use islands and this piece of furniture can become a great centerpiece for entertaining guests. When visiting a kitchen showroom, you can see a fully installed island to get a better idea of the size and flow of a kitchen. You will have the ability to walk around the island, try out different seating like stools, and check out additional island features.

For example, a showroom may feature a hanging pan rack over the island. You can see how this rack would help create more space in the kitchen and work as a fixture over the island. If there are multiple showrooms, you can see different sized islands and get an idea for what ones would work best in your kitchen.


When entertaining guests, selecting the proper seating is important. You want to have plenty of rest areas for guests without overflowing your kitchen with seats. By visiting a showroom, you can experience a variety of seating options. Along with a traditional dining room table, there are other seats to consider. One example of this is a breakfast nook. A nook features benches instead of seats, and is great for groups to sit together. Along with eating, breakfast nooks are ideal for socializing and playing games together.

The tables for the kitchen can help you determine the proper size that you want too. Expandable tables will give you more room for additional guests. When you're not entertaining, the table can be converted to a smaller size and really open up the kitchen space.

Kitchen Lighting

One of the hardest things to visualize in a potential kitchen is the lighting. By looking at a showroom, you have the ability to see all types of lighting and how they function in a kitchen. A showroom typically has multiple light set-ups and features. When browsing the showroom, you can toggle between the different lighting set ups to see how they look in the kitchen. This will give you a good idea for lighting features in your own kitchen.

A variety of lighting features include recessed counter lighting, stove top lighting, island lighting fixtures, and dining room table ceiling fans. All of these lights can combine to create plenty of illumination while entertaining guests. You can select the best options for entertaining and having a well-lit room.

Kitchen Appliances

Visiting a kitchen showroom can expose you to things for your kitchen that you never thought you wanted. A number of modern appliances can be examined and viewed in working order in the showroom. As you consider entertaining, one of the appliances you may want to examine is a beer and wine chiller. Instead of everyone going in and out of the refrigerator, a beer and wine chiller offers easy access to just drinks. Some even have cup holders to provide a chilled glass that you can drink from.

Other appliances to examine in a showroom include advanced dishwashers, toaster ovens, and advanced ovens like a double wall oven for baking multiple items at once.

Cooking Prep Areas

Having the proper areas to prepare and entertain is ideal for a kitchen. In a showroom, you can see how designs work for food prep sinks, cutting stations, and meal preparation counters. This will help you choose the best counter space for your kitchen. It can allow guests to still enjoy your kitchen while you're cooking.

It's a good idea to schedule an appointment to visit a kitchen and bathroom showroom. This will give you personal service as an employee can guide you around and answer any questions you may have.