How To Use Custom Signs To Stand Out At A Trade Show

Trade shows are critical events for many businesses. Trade shows give entrepreneurs a chance to show off their product and gain investors and other business partnerships. Four out of five people who walk by a trade show booth have buying authority. It's important to stand out from the crowd so you can get noticed by potential investors. If you are tired of blending into the background at tradeshows, here are a few ways you can use custom signs to stand out from the crowd.

Booth Backdrops

Booth backdrops are a great way to gain attention while advertising your product. Some tradeshow vendors will use a generic backdrop. Generic backdrops can include solid colors, landscapes, and other stock images. However, it would be in your best interest to make the most of your backdrop and use a custom design. A large product image or company logo would be a great use of the backdrop.

A logo is a company's shorthand. Buyers might not remember the company name or the exact name of the products, but they are likely to remember the logos for the products that they are interested in. You don't want someone walking away without a logo for reference.

Literature Displays

Another way to make the most of custom signs is with a literature display. A literature display is the perfect way to ensure no one walks away confused. People attending your booth may be on a time crunch. With so many vendors at the trade show, some investors want to visit as many booths as possible. This makes it difficult to convey everything you want to on someone's else's schedule.

Print up different brochures for company information, product information, and any other information they might need. Make sure all of your contact information is on every brochure. Investors will have literature to show business partners, and you will have the edge over everyone else who didn't think of it.

Table Top Displays

Every surface is potential advertising space. If you have a blank desk, table, or countertop, you aren't making the most of your space. Make custom signs for all of your surfaces. Include your business name, business logo, and the product(s) that you are showing off at the trade show. The more of your information that people see, the more likely people are to remember you.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are lightweight stands that hold banners upright at trade shows. Banner stands work well because they are easy to set up and portable. You can set up several different banners at your trade show booth to maximize visual appeal. Set banner stands around your booth so you can face banners in every direction. Each banner can convey a separate, important message about your product.

Custom Island Exhibits

You can have your business signs created into a large custom island exhibit. These custom exhibits include large structures that will steal the show away from other vendors. The custom structures can include walls, domes, hanging lights display cases, and more. And all of them can be decorated with your company's logo, colors, and products.

Gain Attention Beforehand

Find out who the top investors are that you want to impress. Along with your custom business signs, have some custom business swag made. Have your business logo printed on some useful items and mail them out ahead of time. Good swag items include:

  • Mobile chargers
  • Seasonal items (umbrellas, beach bags)
  • Moleskin notebooks
  • Water bottles

Don't forget to bring some swag to your trade show booth as well. People love free gifts, and it's easy advertising.

Trade shows are a great way to get your name out there; however, they're also very competitive. Thousands of other vendors are going to be at the trade show with the same goal. It's important to make sure you stand out above the rest of them. Click here to find more info about sign options to make your business stand out.