5 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Don't let a small bathroom keep you from your dream home. There are many ways to revamp a tiny bathroom to make it look bigger, without spending a fortune. Here are 4 simple ways you can make the most of your space! 

1. Invest in Task Good Lighting 

Lighting is key to making a small bathroom look larger. Using the right task lighting can make a small, dark bathroom look brand new, and can help you visualize every inch of space you have available. Have an electrician from a place like Safeway Electric install unique lighting fixtures above your bathroom vanity, such as frosted wall sconces or recessed lighting in the ceiling. Avoid "lampshade" style pieces that can make a smaller vanity appear cluttered. Instead, go with sleek, modern style fixtures that are as flush with the wall as possible. Your electrical contractor or residential electrician can assist you in choosing and mounting lighting fixtures that will work best for a small bathroom. 

2. Use Lighter Paint 

While dark bathroom walls may feel more modern, they can make a tiny bathroom seem like a dark, enclosed and uninviting space. Brighten your bathroom and make it appear larger by using lighter hues in your desired color scheme. Light grey and slate blue can give your bathroom a nautical, beachy feel, while a light coffee or butter yellow can help give it a sense of warm openness. 

3. Mount Several Mirrors 

Mirrors are an excellent way to make any small room look bigger by reflecting the other side of the room and essentially doubling the perceived space in the area. While it's traditional to have a single vanity mirror, consider mounting a mirror that covers the entire vanity side of the bathroom. Alternatively, you can place smaller mirrors on the wall opposite the vanity to create the perception of unlimited space in the room. 

4. Use a Wall Mounted Faucet Instead

A small bathroom vanity can look and feel even smaller when you have a faucet right on the sink. While many bathrooms still use this faucet style, you can take a step ahead and use a wall mounted faucet that will both expand the amount of space on your vanity and give your bathroom a sleek and modern look. 

5. Express Your Personality With Decorative Lighting 

Instead of hanging art on your bathroom walls, consider using decorative lighting instead, in combination with your task lighting. A ceiling chandelier can make even a very tiny bathroom feel large and luxurious, or creative LED lighting around the tub or vanity can take your bathroom to a whole new level. Use built-in shelves instead of wall mounted shelves to avoid taking up precious space in your bathroom, and whenever possible, utilize vertical space instead of horizontal. A team of electrical contractors can help you find customized decorative lighting for your bathroom that works well with your task lighting to create a larger feeling space. 

At first glance, a small bathroom can be a deal breaker when buying a house, or when planning a remodel of your existing house. But you don't have to let a tiny bathroom ruin your plans of having a gorgeous oasis that feels spacious and looks incredible. Work with an electrician to get the task lighting and decorative lighting just right, and don't overwhelm a small bathroom with dark, bold paint. Use mirrors to reflect light and give the illusion of more space, and avoid cluttering up your vanity with a wall mounted faucet. These simple changes are easy to achieve and can help you make even a very small bathroom feel bigger than it really is.