5 Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Window Replacement Project

Once you old windows start to wear out, you may decide it is time you have them replaced. Whether you are replacing your own windows or having a contractor do it for you, you will need to prepare the interior and exterior of your home before the job begins. Below are five tips to help you get your house ready.

Clear A Path Outside Your Home

If the immediate exterior of your house is cluttered or has items stored against the side, this could slow down you or the workers because everything will have to be cleared out before each individual window can be replaced. To save time in the long run, these things need to be removed before the work begins.

Not only will this save the amount of time spent on the job, it can also save you money. For example, if you do decide to have a service do the work, they do not have to be paid for the time it would take to do the job. Also, it could prevent you being liable for one of them being hurt if a hidden object causes an injury.

Mark Any Outdoor Areas With Important Plants

While you are clearing away any movable items from around your house, make a note of any important plants. Anything you do not want harmed should be marked in some way as a reminder of its presence.

For example, you can place sticks in the ground at the corners of a flower bed. Then, use red tape or string to mark off the area. If you are working with a contractor, make them aware of these places so the workers can be informed of the meaning behind the markings.

Work Out A Work Schedule

Once the job begins, you may want to be aware of any rooms that will be off limits in advance. You can coordinate this by setting up a work schedule of the days a room will be worked on and completed. This can save you a lot of inconvenience and aggravation.

For example, if you only have one bathroom in your home, make the contractor aware of this. They can then let you know the day and approximate time it will be completed. This also helps with the next two tips of preparing each room individually instead of your entire house at once.

Move Your Furniture To The Center Of The Room

Once you know what days the windows will be replaced for each room, you can then work to move the furniture away from the walls. Placing them in the center of the room with a plastic or canvas tarp over them would be ideal for protecting them from vibrations or dust.

If you have any items too heavy to move, cover them with an individual tarp. For example, if you have a steel gun case or heavy wooden wardrobe in the corner, it may not be feasible to move it. If doing the job yourself, keep it in mind while you are working. When working with a contractor, make them aware of it so precautions can be taken.

Cover Your Floor

After you have moved the furniture to the center of the room, protect your floors from dust and debris by covering them up. You can use a tarp, an old sheet, or broken-down cardboard boxes. When using more than one piece, overlap the edges by a foot to give the floor better coverage.

By taking time to properly prepare your home, you can keep from being inconvenienced and having a major mess to clean up. If you are having a contractor, like one from New Jersey Siding & Windows Inc, perform your window replacement job, you may want to ask them about any special preparations you should take as well.